4 Replies to “Gerbera Daisy Centerpieces for a Corporate Picnic . . .”

  1. I had a company picnic & I was in charge of the decorations. I had a very limited budget and a small amount of time to get everything in order. The owner, Nancy Cody, worked with my allotted budget & time constraints. She asked for specifications on d├ęcor, location, color schemes & anything else I could share to make sure the event turned out perfect.

    I was pleasantly surprised – Rose & Twigs far exceeded my expectations! The centerpiece were stunning, and many of our guests were commenting on how beautiful they were. I was honestly shocked that my modest budget was able to stretch to make such breathtaking centerpieces. I took one home and days later it looks just as fresh as it did the day of the event.

    Thank you Rose and Twigs for making our company event look beautiful! Your decorations stole the show & made our guests feel comfortable, important & appreciated. I cannot wait until my next event…I will love to work with Rose & Twig again!

  2. So happy to see the start of something big! Looking forward to exploring the creativity as the site continues to build.

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