Garden Bouquets – Walk Around Designs

One of my favorite things to do is to walk our property and snip a few flowers from the gardens around my house.  Usually this is an evening activity after a long day working in the garden or arranging flowers for an upcoming event.  Walking around means designing on the go . . . so the result is usually colorful, loose and informal.  In late July, zinnias are the most prolific, but there are also coneflowers, daisies, phlox, and hydrangea to choose from.  Soon there will be the stars . . . dahlias!





Zinnias in the Garden

Zinnias are some of the most colorful, easy to grow flowers in the garden.  Sowing seeds in the spring ensures blooms are at their peak in late August and into the fall.  Bees and butterflies love zinnias, an easy way to help the pollinators thrive.  Next year, I am planting more orange zinnias!

image image

Callas and Roses for the Bridal Party

The color theme for this wedding was purple/marsala accented by lime green and creamy white.   We used deep purple calla lilies, Vendela roses, jade green roses, lavender freesia and wax flower to create these bouquets.

Special thanks to C.Mae Photography for the use of this photo.

Eight Dollar Spring Bouquet

I used to dismiss alstromeria as a “super market” flower sold with unopened, unimpressive blooms.  Now I have a lot of admiration for the flower also known as the Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas.  Given a chance, alstroemeria open to a striking yet delicate bloom and last for more than a week, maybe ten days.  The pink and white blooms here are more than a week old and still look fresh!   If you are looking for an economical way to create a pretty bouquet, be sure to consider alstromeria!


Farmers’ market flowers

Arrangements made with flowers purchased at the local farmers’ markets are colorful and inexpensive.  I buy bouquets and take them apart to rearrange.  Sometimes I ask for a handful of one kind of flowers like the Bells of Ireland shown here paired with Queen Anne’s lace from the ‘field.’  A few dollars worth of flowers can go along way.imageimage